Saturday, March 15, 2014

2014 San Diego Film Awards

Much to our surprise PREY was nominated for a San Diego Film Award for best costume and makeup!  We had no idea the film was submitted or that these awards were even happening.  It turns out this is the first year that the San Diego Film Consortium hosted an awards event.  Eric Fox the owner of MorbX and I were nominated together for both makeup and costume/wardrobe.  Eric is probably best known for his work on season 4 of the Syfy series Face Off.  And he'll be staring in a new show premiering March 18 called Foxy & Co.  Eric did Candy's head wound, all the blood effects and the amazing throat rip on Mark.

The awards were given to short films shot in San Diego over that last couple years.  Most shorts are shot on a very limited budget so things like costumes and makeup are usually handled by one person.  Michael always talks about film being a visual media and how important the look and art style are to making a production top quality.  That being said, he always has a complete and definite design for both wardrobe and any makeup effects that might be needed.  He had detailed concepts for wardrobe on each character in the film, so I was able to put costumes together based on his art.  Mark's was a custom tailored western-style shirt that I made from vintage 1956 McCall's 2118.

Michael knew the exact look he wanted and I tailored the shirt for a custom fit on Mark Benjamin.  The shirt looked great on camera; especially covered in blood!

The rest of the wardrobe was purchased at thrift shops and discount stores.  Shopping for the ladies was really fun.  We went to the $10 Mall and stocked up on the trashiest stuff we could find.  Lylah's character, Desire came together really easily.  We found everything we needed in her size, in fact the gold, chain mail, backless top was actually in the kid's section!  But Michael wasn't happy with anything we were finding for Lauren's character, Candy.  So we came home with a full length skirt in a disgusting gun-metal pleather with an awful lace hem.  And a big fluttery Mom shirt in a zebra print.  So, I took in the skirt and shortened it and took in the top (a lot) and made it a spaghetti-strap tank.  Accessorized with lots of cheap jewelry and fish nets; the girls looked authentic!

The award went to another film and the film maker very graciously acknowledged us in his acceptance speech which was really cool of him.  But the greatest part of the whole evening was to see the clip of PREY on the big screen and listen to the audience reaction.  There is no better award than to hear people cheer for your work!

And finally... The red carpet experience.  I couldn't very well show up to an awards event nominated for costuming in a store-bought dress.  So I had to come up with a black-tie worthy maternity dress that I could stand to wear at 8 months pregnant!  I took the day off work and channeled the energies of The Great Seth Aaron. I purchased fabric that morning and knocked out a dress in about 4 hours!  I just had time to figure out something with my hair and throw on too much makeup before we walked out the door.
Thomas, Rhoads and the infamous Cornbread joined us for the evening and we had a great time!

And here is my favorite pic of the night.  Michael Bacon cleans up real nice!  I'm forever grateful to him for sharing his life and talents with me.  It's so much fun to get to create with your spouse.  Especially if you have one as talented as mine!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your kick-as film, honey!



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

The Geeky Sweetheart Babywearing Bag

The day that I wore Korben to the Zoo and pushed the stroller solely to carry the diaper bag, I knew I needed to get myself a babywearing bag.

First I found the Onbag tutorial.  It looked good and I'm so appreciative that it's available but, all those rolled hems seemed daunting.  After some more searching, I found the Geeky Sweetheart Wrap Strap Bag tutorial.  I initially liked that the straps were turned and topstitched, but as I started making the bag I realized how much thought had gone into it's design.  I love the big pockets with darts that are stitched into the lining (my giant wallet fits right into them), I love the bottom corners of the bag, and I really like how the zipper is installed.

I mostly wanted the bag, so that I could wear it with Korben on my back.

But it also converts to a back pack for when you're carrying baby in the front.  Even though he's 24 lbs now, I still do carry him in the front every once in a while, so this comes in handy.

This past weekend I wore him and the bag for a couple hours and I love it!  The bag weighs nothing!  I put all the same stuff that goes in the traditional diaper bag inside it, and I was amazed at how light it is.  I'm guessing it's the wide straps.  Thanks so much Geeky Sweetheart!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Let's get back to some sewing talk...

It's very difficult to find gifts for Michael Bacon.  If he wants/needs something, he gets it.  And he has very specific tastes.  So, when Christmas and his Birthday come up, I work hard to come up with things that are very special and unique for him.  I had small pieces of some cool fabrics that I wanted to give him, so I figured someone out there on the web would have a tutorial for guitar straps.  And I found an excellent one over at One Shabby Chick.  Her tutorial includes lots of pretty construction pictures, along with very detailed and easy to follow instructions for the whole process.

I had a little bit of guitar camo that was leftover from a blanket my Mom made for Korben, and I found The Avengers fabric at WalMart.  The tutorial suggests using inexpensive Ernie Ball straps to pirate hardware from.  But, I was doing this last second right before Christmas and I didn't think I had time to wait for them to ship.  So I went to Music Power, a guitar store near work, and picked up some Planet Waves straps for $5 each.  Then I happened to find out that Michael has used the Planet Waves straps before, so I think it worked out for the best.  

When he opened them he gave me one of the greatest compliments I have ever received.  He didn't think I made them, he thought I bought them.  He told me that they looked too professional to be homemade.  I take that as a huge compliment!  I'm secretly hoping that he like these and asks for more of them.  It's such a gratifying project to make.  I love being able to sew for my man.

And this was our 2012 Christmas tree with lights before decorations.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Halloween Around the House

I actually have 2 different sets of Halloween decorations.  I have all the crazy Halloween party decorations and they fill up a whole shed full of plastic storage bins.  And then, I have the regular house decorations that take up two small, black and orange storage bins.  These are all the fragile, sentimental and cutesy decorations that don't usually go up for the party.

And now, my Halloween putz village is part of those decorations.

We have 2 fireplaces in our new house!  I always told Michael that I want to have a mantel someday, so we have a place to hang stockings.  And we ended up with 2 of them!

The one in the family room has the tv directly over it, so I really can't put much on it.  But the one in the living room is what you see right when you walk in the front door, so I cluttered it all up!  I have my putz village on it, which now includes the two little ceramic houses I found at Walmart about 5 years ago.  Down on the hearth, I put the smashed witch feet and legs and our 3 pumpkins that we'll carve on trick-or-treat night.  Also the two jack-o-lantern stands that Michael got for us this year with electric, blow mold jack-o-lanterns.  I love them!

I almost forgot about our American Gothic candle holder!  The tops of their heads hold candles, but I like them just as a figurine.  They're ceramic and all the black parts are flocked with a velvet-like substance.

I got these goofy little guys at the 96 cent store.  I saw them last year, but couldn't bring myself to pay a whole 96 cents for them.  So, I got them for 48 cents this year!  Lol!  Isn't that ridiculous?  When I got home and was telling Michael the story, I realized how dumb it sounded.  And they came in a pack of 2.  Geez, I should go back and get the weird-looking ghosts too...

I love this trio.  They're on the mantel in the family room.  The skeleton nutcracker was sent to us last year from Michael's Mom.  The black cat is from when my Mom use to do piece work craft painting for a place called Robin's Nest back in the late 80's.  And the skeleton push puppet I found at Cost Plus about 11 years ago when I bought my condo.

It was so much fun to open up these storage bins and see these decorations!  They've been in storage for nearly 4 years, and I missed them all.  I'm very sentimental about holiday decorations and I can't wait to share them all with Korben.

He's already getting into it.  He loves the stuffed black kitty that I had in with everything else!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Korben Bacon 4/5/2012

Korben decided that the day Michael's mom arrived in San Diego was the time for him to make his grand entrance. My water broke in the parking lot of the airport and after 28 hours of pretty easy labor he was born. I know 28 hours sounds like a really long time, but I spent most of the time sleeping thanks to my epidural! LOL! I had an amazing support team in the room with me the whole time. My Mom, Michael's Mom, Kelly and of course Michael were all so supportive and wonderful. Michael was the best push counter in the whole world and even took over counting for the midwife! I couldn't have asked for a better birth experience, and the healing process has been a piece of cake!

Korben 1 day old.

  We came home on Saturday, April 7th so he was able to celebrate his first Easter with his bow tie onesie and bunny pants.

Korben's First Easter

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Easter Couture for the Bibble!

I know he isn't technically due until April 10, which is 2 days after Easter. But with gestational diabetes it's very likely I won't be allowed to make it to 40 weeks. So, I'm quite sure he'll get to celebrate his first Easter this year. I found a very cute and easy newborn pants tutorial from Made by Rae. I also used her tutorial for making bunny knee pads, except that I used much smaller bunnies to fit the newborn pants.

The onesie is just a 0-3 month size white Gerber onesie with a bow tie applique. I told Michael that I plan to start a bow tie collection for Korben, and this will be his first!

I LOVE the Made by Rae newborn pants they sew up in literally about 15 minutes!  I already have two more pairs cut out, and I'm going to have to purchase her Big Butt Baby pants pattern.  Thanks Rae!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

80's Nursing Gown

I finally sewed up McCall's 9437! I got this pattern quite a while ago from the lovely ladies at pattern rescue. Initially I just liked it. I love classic-style nightgowns, and there seemed to be lots of nightgown patterns available in the 80's.

This one is great because it buttons all the way down to below the waist in front, so it should make a perfect nursing gown. In fact I was just on the Baby Center boards this morning and people were saying the only good nursing gowns they have found were Laura Ashley! Well this pattern happens to be a Laura Ashley pattern that was issued back in 1985. :)